Once KM+ fuel additive mixed with liquid fuel, it instantly improves fuel quality. Any kind of vehicles like cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, boats etc & combustion engines like generators, internal combustion engines, heavy machine etc benefits from KM+ fuel additive when it’s added into the fuel tank as per suggested mixing ratio.

KM+ fuel additive is a 100% formulation of natural plant esters. It is environmental friendly & non toxic as well as bio degradable. The formulation is in the market after several years of research & test.  It is non flammable fuel additive and leaves no gum or ashes left behind when it is burned with liquid fuel. It is designed to fulfil today’s competitive requirements of fuel saving, engine performances, maintenance & protection of combustion engines as well as fulfilling social responsibilities of keeping a cleaner & greener earth. KM+ is truly a green fuel additive technology.

The Optimum Saver

KM+ Advanced Fuel Additives

In today’s world, fossil fuel still remains as the main
sources of energy. But it comes with many problem &
challenges due to qualities. KM+ fuel additive provides
the best solution to this problem in fossil fuel.

Saves on fuel Cost

Achieves more mileage with every liter of fuel

Reduces Maintenance Cost

Reduces wear and tear
Cleaner engines Prolong engine lifespan

Improves engine power & performance

Reduces engine vibration, Reduces engine noise

Cleaner environment Reduce Air Pollution & Global Warming

Emits Less black smoke, Emits Less Toxic Gases Emits Less CO2 per KM

Who Use KM+

KM+ Advanced Fuel Additive is a biodegradable and non-toxic fuel additive. KM+ provides 10-30% fuel savings for petrol and diesel engines for generators, hauliers, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles and so on. KM+ protects engine, improve engine performance, reduce maintenance cost, prolong engine life span and reduce emission as well as black smoke for engines.

By using KM+ you can be assured of optimum Fuel Savings and Fuel Efficiency for every dollar your company spent on fuel.

Users for KM+ Fuel Additive are:


Fleet in various Ministries Defence, Transport

Power Generation

Power Plant, Generator Sets Oil Refineries,etc

Transportation & Industries

Road ,Rail, Sea

KM+ Product Quality Consistency

We invest in state of the art technology – Furrier Transform InfraRed Scanner (FTIR Scanner) to ensure:

  1. All raw material meet quality standard and consistency
  2. All end products meet the quality and consistency


KM+ Product Test & Report >

Curious to know how to use KM+?

Add KM+ into fuel tank according to the liters of petrol you want to pump. Then pump the amount of fuel. Add slightly more for power.

You want to pump 40 liters of petrol into your car tank.
Add in KM+ according to indicator for 40 liters on the bottle.
Pump into your car tank 40 liters of petrol.

KM+ instantly improves quality of liquid fuel the moment it is mixed. All vehicles, cars, motorcycle, buses, trucks, boats & any combustion engine, heavy machineries, generators, internal combustion engines benefits from KM+ the moment it is added into the fuel tank.

Application Ratio

  • For retail customers (eg. cars, mpvs, vans, medium size trucks and motorcycles), please refer to indicator on KM+ bottle as the ratio has already been prepared for your easy usage. Add into your fuel tank according to the liters you intend to pump.
  • For Industrial customers ( eg. trucks, express buses, generators, prime movers, rtgs), following is the guide.


1 : 2000


1 : 1800

Industrial Fuel Oils

1 : 1800

Why KM+ Works

Technology behind it

Normal Fuel Combustion

Standard fuel burns SLOWER than it takes to burn efficiently

When spark plug ignites the fuel at this stage, The fuel burning will push the piston downward
Not all fuel molecules complete combustion before upward stroke
Fuel is still brining in the upward stroke, and continue burning in exhaust pipe as wastage
When an engine run at 3000 RMP, the piston move from step 1 to step 3 only take 20 milliseconds. Normal fuel not burn fast enough before it is pushed out from the piston.
Result of slow burning Fuel
  • More unburned fuel
  • More Black smoke
  • More Toxic gases emission
  • More green house gases emission
Effect of slow burning fuel
  • More Fuel Wastage
  • Reduce Horsepower
  • Reduce Torque
  • Slower Acceleration
  • Carbon Deposit in engines

KM+ Fuel Atomization

KM+ improve fuel burn by speeding the burning speed

Normal Fuel

Larger fuel droplets size
Smaller surface areas for
Mixing with O2 and for burning

KM+ Atomized Fuel

Smaller fuel droplets size
Larger surface areas for
Mixing with O2 and for burning
KM+ enable fuel to be dispersed to smaller fuel droplets, and speed up fuel burning process to completion before piston is in upward stroke

KM+ Atomized Fuel Combustion

KM+ improve fuel burn by speeding the burning speed

Completing fuel combustion before upward stroke to ensure all fuel turn into power to push the piston down
Only clean emission purge out from the combustion chamber to the manifold
KM+ enable fuel to be dispersed to smaller fuel droplets, and speed up fuel burning process to completion before piston is in upward stroke
Result of fast burning Fuel
  • Reduce wastage of Unburned Fuel
  • Reduce Black Smoke
  • Reduce Toxic Gases
  • Reduce Green House Gases
Effect of fast burning fuel
  • Improve Fuel Efficient
  • Improve Horsepower
  • Improve Torque
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Reduce Carbon Deposit in engines

Result and Proof

KM+ improve fuel burn by speeding the burning speed

Standard Fuel Combustion

Standard Fuel Added KM+ Fuel Atomization

Test & Testimonials

“I travel to work with my Honda Wave 100 motorcycle. My route is the same every day. I use 1 tank of fuel every 2 days. After added KM+, I can travel for 3.5 days for 1 tank of fuel. With KM+ I have 75% extra mileage!” – Encik Adnan. Read more here.

“15th April 2009, a test was conducted at Medan, Indonesia in a Mitsubishi Diesel Generator 275kva. A savings of appx 29% was recorded after testing with KM+ fuel additive” Read more here.

“Popular compact small car like Myvi in Malaysia shows 13% more power than RON 97 fuel grade by using KM+ with RON95. Also car owners experience appx 25% fuel savings using KM+”. Read more here.